Posted by: kevinldonihe | March 5, 2012

Interview with Bradley Sands

Bradley Sands Why so stupid? Beer bottle ninja attack! Time to die!
6 February at 01:49

Bradley Sands Carnage!
6 February at 01:58

Bradley Sands They’re not in Iowa. They’re in your heart!
6 February at 02:06

Bradley Sands Why are you still typing? You’re dead! Are you too stupid to know you’re dead?
6 February at 02:08

Bradley Sands Kittens?
6 February at 02:09

Bradley Sands I pet kittens!
6 February at 02:10

Bradley Sands I am the master of all kittens! I pet them!
6 February at 02:12

Bradley Sands No! I pet kittens!
6 February at 02:18

Bradley Sands Stop talking zombie butt and die!
6 February at 02:20

Bradley Sands You have dishonored yourself by failing to come up with one original idea. Let me know if you need to borrow a sword.
about an hour ago

Kevin L. Donihe I’ve got a shuriken. Thanks for your time.
52 minutes ago


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