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Bizarro Con 2012

Sam Reeve did a nice Bizarro Con write-up for Bizarro Central.


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Got a story in this (author line-up included)



Those included within:

Jim Shepard
Edgar Allen Poe
Joan Aiken
Richard Connell
Ray Bradbury
Robert Bloch
Ed Kurtz
Laura Lee Bahr
William Gay
Thomas Harris
Jack Ketchum
Joe R. Lansdale
Mercedes M. Yardley
Steve Rasnic Tem
Lawerence Block
David J. Schow
Neil Gaiman
Leah Mann
Kevin L. Donihe
Leslianne Wilder
Bentley Little
Adam-Troy Castro
John Gorumba
Violet Lavoit
Christopher Coake
John Boden
Scott Bradley and Peter Giglio
Cody Goodfellow
Weston Ochse
Amelia Beamer
Elizabeth Massie
Nick Mamatas
Simon McCaffery
Mehitobel Wilson
Brian Hodge
Robert Devereaux
Kathe Koja

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Another new book (but edited this time)


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New Book





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Bizarro Book in Amazon’s TOP 10

In 2009, I accepted and edited Patrick Wensink’s SEX DUNGEON FOR SALE! for the New Bizarro Author Series.

In 2012, his Lazy Fascist Press release, BROKEN PIANO FOR PRESIDENT, cracked the Amazon Top 10 and was featured in Time Magazine, Esquire, Forbes, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Huffington Post, The Atlantic, Der Spiegel, etc…

Thanks, Jack Daniel’s!

Broken Piano for President

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A true story

While walking today, I saw a cat with a mouse in its mouth. The cat crouched low and stared at me like it thought I wanted its treasure. Perhaps I did. Perhaps I wanted to put the mouse in my mouth, shake my head and scream at the cat, “Who’s king now!”

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Interview with Bradley Sands

Bradley Sands Why so stupid? Beer bottle ninja attack! Time to die!
6 February at 01:49

Bradley Sands Carnage!
6 February at 01:58

Bradley Sands They’re not in Iowa. They’re in your heart!
6 February at 02:06

Bradley Sands Why are you still typing? You’re dead! Are you too stupid to know you’re dead?
6 February at 02:08

Bradley Sands Kittens?
6 February at 02:09

Bradley Sands I pet kittens!
6 February at 02:10

Bradley Sands I am the master of all kittens! I pet them!
6 February at 02:12

Bradley Sands No! I pet kittens!
6 February at 02:18

Bradley Sands Stop talking zombie butt and die!
6 February at 02:20

Bradley Sands You have dishonored yourself by failing to come up with one original idea. Let me know if you need to borrow a sword.
about an hour ago

Kevin L. Donihe I’ve got a shuriken. Thanks for your time.
52 minutes ago

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This has been out for a while now.

The Traveling Dildo Salesman

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For the time being…

… has THE FLAPPY PARTS discounted down to $5.

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WHC 2011

Returned from the World Horror Convention in Austin, TX almost a week ago. (Stayed a few extra days.) Probably the best WHC of the six I’ve attended (beginning with Kansas City in 2003). Decent location. Excellent organization. Sold a lot of books, too.

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